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All Hail Ranks Top 5 This Week On NERDIST

All Hail landed a spot on Bandcamping, a weekly column on Nerdist, which showcases the top 5 best underground artists of the week. Landing the number 2 spot on the list, All Hail proves this isnt some ametuer mixtape. Among the top five are The Ritz Club, Lake County Rain, Tomoreaux, and Granola at number 1 on the list. (yes, these are names of real bands/artists that actually exist... really).

"If you want a bunch of interesting production choices in one album, you’re here. On All Hail, Alabama rapper Carlisle Jones’ instrumentals draw influence from pretty much everything, including lo-fi indie rock, trap, traditional oriental music, glitchy electronica, and contemporary hip-hop. Top that with Jones’ confident flow and you got yourself a record." says author Derrick Rossignol.

View the full top 5 list over at |


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