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TRACK LIST | 38 min


1. 5121

2. Who I Am

3. No Clue

4. Prosper

5. Never Knows Best

6. 60/40

7. Long Nights

8. Thinkin Bout My EP

9. Home

10. Reset

11. Interlude

12. The End




Insomnia tells the story of a kid between 7pm and 7am. At 7pm, he arrives home to his drunk mother and step-father that have never believed in his strive to be creative throughout the years. After no longer being able to be in his own home, he is picked up by his friend to go to a party in Clay. Around 10pm, they arrive at the party, but he is not sure if he will enjoy the night because his ex is present. He’s talked into going in, and enjoys himself until he notices her. At that moment, he gets a call from his sister saying his father is on life support. Being that he is not emotionally stable and not as drunk as his friend, he decides to drive home. Before leaving, Emily asked if he could take her to her car; being the love of his life, he obsessively says yes. As they drive down Old Springville Rd., he keeps thinking of telling Em how he feels, but can’t get himself to do it before dropping her off at her car. It’s almost 3am and all he wants to do is make it home. He arrives back at 5121, and wants to create some music to clear his mind. As the night drags on, he starts thinking of how life has changed since graduating and getting older. He wishes he could go back and do everything over. His thought was broken by the alarm clock he set for 7am. He was sadly awake to calm the ringing.



Remember being 7 with my guts on the pavement

Neighbor kids stole my bike grips I was hated 

All I did was take it never let it cut  me skin deep

But I've always had the bars in me

Hickory I'm from the street

Full house of a fake happy Family 

Luckily had money to put me in little league

Met Phil and that change my reality

After school I would miss my bus and go home with him

Anything was better than where I lived

Till this day he doesn't understand how much it meant

At times I wish those days hadn't gone and went

Was always chunky "hey cheeseburger" "how are you"

Wish I didn't except that name but it suit 

Mom said it too no girl I could pursue

Hated myself and Sadly god didn't know what to do

So I put faith in myself Who knew 

Outside these walls is a better view

Not a drunk mother and a step father

Who disagree on the only thing I want to do

Now I'm 22 still at 5121 

And I wanna runaway West like my sister done

And see the sun how do you mistreat your son

I feel like I'm one float away from Charon

Take the coins from my eyes and pray everything is fine

Home is where you make it, I was hopin for time

To build my character 

But life too drawn out I'm just character

We’re born inferior, we hide our interior

I feel like Dr. Crane is putting the fuckin fear in us

Once I leave I pray I don’t come back

Nothing will mean more to prove I overcame that

No Clue

I cum and I tell a bitch to go go like Gadget

This flow magic rub my beard like I’m Hagrid

I’m Known to bring the fuckin ruckus like Im Rocha

They aint ready for the fuck pain say Oklahoma

I’m a maniac like my name was Magee

She sayin she wants me, man she lyin through her teeth

Like Danny Brown, I make a bitch dip down

I fuckin zip down then treat it with a pound

Wow she fuckin molten to the core

Can’t tell if my heart or dick loves her more

Bitch is too fly man I can’t admit it

Take her to the crib put it in her cockpit mighty fitted


I’m like Alderaan cuz I’m bout to blow

Cruisin with a princess that I stole

Fuck that bitch though, keep actin like you tough

One hit lay you flat in the clouds with Huff n Puff

Eatin more courses need some B-12

Rumor has it Im the new Mac someone tell Adele

I’m too dope like I’ve been on Desoxyn

Take your girl a couple rounds man I call it boxing

This wasn’t passed down this was fuckin self taught

Bitches on my handlebars like the Flobots

Think your hot? Too bad bitch Im top notch

While Im stacking paper in blocks like I’m fuckin Notch

Never Knows Best

I know it's past visiting hours

But can I please give her these flowers?

Across the party all I see is you 

Thinkin how I'd be better if I didnt met you

You call my phone at night I told not too

Why the worst ones always fight for you 

They say the main enemy is where you sleep

Next to me I see someone who believes in me

Never Knows Best man that's what I live by

We strive to be great but we can only try

Ask if you love her in Eckleburg's eyes

Reachin for the billboards is reachin for lies

Get the green light for success and you die

Tear up my soul walkin wishin I could fly 

I hate how this is where it's gotten now 

Your voice lingers when your name is said around

You need to settle down and I need to leave town

But somehow you always keep me bound

Seeing you around makes everything feel alright

Tellin myself I love you man its always a fight

Down a bottle in spite just another long night

Leavin this place before you try to ruin my life


Everyday seems to stay the same

My past is looking at my present in a total shame

I'm just another kid put to the test life is your control

Never Knows Best


You're lookin at me now

Hoping that I'll crack a smile

Even if I do fuck man it's in denial 

I just wonder how It got this way

I can't even look you in the face and say

God damn what happened to us babe

Seems like yesterday I had you on display

And now I pray you don't look my way

Be like Clementine erase our memories away 

I don't care what you say about me anymore

I won't pick up when you call me anymore 

Until I'm buried you won't have dirt anymore

And won't find me like Ryan that's for sure

I need to get a grip and just enjoy the night

My bottles empty grab another one to feel alright

She’s waiting for me now by the door

To make matters worst 

My sister just said my dad is on life support

Long Nights

Man we sick of, all the liquor

We scared to drive home call a friend for a pickup

No answer, I’m not sleepin on the floor

Crew in the back pukin out the side door

Drivin hazy, prayin if I crash someone saves me

If they can’t, its okay cuz this night was amazing

But tell my mom I love her and she was great

And my will was broken by my ex’s mistakes

Leaving Clay Old Springville all the way

Its a straight away, but my vision has begun to stray

Em is the only one who is still awake

She tells me to take her back to her place But it aint even that late

Prayin I don’t Jordan Belfort in the whip

Wonder if moms sober or my dad will see me again

Hopefully that bitch will never call me again

Pull up to the pump, one sec gotta go right in

Its been another long night I hope we did it right

Pull out the Roo, Playin Blue Chips 2

2am in Clay and yet still ain't shit to do 

Stay for the night babe I'll skip school 

Just Give me some brain or a lesson or too

Water tower is comin up we can see the city lights

And I won't let you fall like Kelso and Hyde

I'm too faded to drive but somehow we survived

Even if we died this is what I needed tonight 

Please come inside I just wanna catch her

And make her wetter than Rapture

God damn it's my city but I feel like Atlas

Cuz one hand off the wheel and there goes heaven


Surprise I make home every night

The people in my life are the only thing that make me feel alright

Except for a couple drinks and that chick I like

Feel like Reggie Strickland when I fight 

Win or lose I'm the underdog 

Pull off the mask I'm the villain quit the riff Raff though

I just wanna know if you wanna go

And have a ball cuz I know you'd fit the shoe 

No paradise on this island god I'm grindin

Just happy it's still that one place I can hide in

Hold my pride thin spent half my life in

One day leave my parents alone like a 90's film

I stay awake now when I'm faded

I feel outdated, this insomnia just keeps me jaded 

In my mind I feel like I'm hated

I gotta stop before I turn to Patrick Bateman 


I just wanna make it home tonight


We all got a dark side that fights us at night 

Turning reason to doubt bringin fears to light 

No heroes around until you threaten your life 

Treat my friends like their Baymax cuz I can't lose my brothers in the fight 

Fuck the hype, no money can make things right 

Even when I get home there's a chance that I might 

Never wake up, never live up, never tell you that I'm sorry 

Feeling lost like I'm Hurley

But baby let me get it huh

Sucking on my Ty Cobb after I hit it huh

Fuckin rappers need to go ahead and bite their tongues

Cuz after I drop your shit sounds muffled bruh

But I'll shove it up your ass like the mask

And give Diaz the sweetest thing she could ever ask

For, I'm tired of the liquor 

If I pass out now, who knows when il wake up

But I gotta keep goin for a Grammy 

And test ever person who's against me

And trust me when I'm out the house

Murder murder murder is all I'll be about

The best in the sector

Young annilator 

Bitches want the paper

I'll get to that later

It's that young Broly what you want from me

It will take everybodies energy to stop me

I know I spit wild when Im in denial

Strong like Herc but I gotta still do the trials

You're shit is mild but I'm not too hot just yet

Can't rap when your voice makes me reset


Tired of being sad but my ex keep callin

Seems to only happen when the rain starts pourin

Forever in the civic never gonna copin a foreign 

Even Zoltan saw me turn some change to a fortune

God damn I'm the muthafuckin man with it

5 in the mornin studyin for a damn exam with it

Mom knows imma skip the class but I  pray I pass just in case this doesn't last 

What's the chance I make it in the end

Probably 1% like the rich but spent the other 99% tryna get it right 

I'm only here cuz of a mistake one night 

Uh who am I tryna be

I don't care about the record sales or fails just known I'm gonna be exiled 

Like Andross for goin ape shit with lyrical venom that yall come across


If sleep is for the weak, I may never rest again

Like Sisyphus even when you reach the top things fall down again

Building yourself up is impossible at 5am

So I turn off my phone and listen to the rain to mend 

Who I Am 

I'm the son you should cherish

But lately I've felt embarrassed

To ever say that I cared for us

You ware me down can't even stay around

I've out grew this town but I stay bound

This is years of recovery that are  buried deep

And you know I barely sleep

I ain't sorry momma cleaning out my closet

All we had is now runnin down the faucet 

My first love I've gone and lost it wait

Who cares if my registration was late

I wanna be with the greats 

So missin a class is part of the stakes

Over the years your drinking has pulled me away

You're still my mother so my love for you will never stop

But how long do I have to watch


Momma just know imma be great

Just know imma be great 

Who Am I Who Am I to say I'm not a problem child 


You're the greatest person in my life

Since bein broke barely having lights

I'll never hate you but you need to know I've taken flight 

Because If God got us then we will I'll be alright 

People ridin the flows like the HM in the Safari Zone

I'm in my zone I can't watch my tone

All I want to do is buy you what you don't own

But sometimes you treat me so wrong

And I'm the last stitch in what you've woven 

I'm the main thread but you got me broken

I want change but all I've got is tokens

Guess I'll these play games till I start movin 

Trust me mom you're not a problem just my inspiration 

You gabe me these ideas so I never question

My potential My identity 

My reasons My liberty


She wanna fuck I know why

She scream oh like mordecai 

Sippin Henny till I die

But I'll be back ask King Kai

Money ain't no problem

Bitches ain't no problem

But once you start poppin

Man There's no way to stop them

Got the top off like Ramen

You a dick like Robin

I'm just tryin to prosper

While your ass keeps robbin

Your bitch want me to feast

Got her naked like Red Beach 

Was taught never to live cheap

Cuz I'm 3 inches from 6 feet


I'm just tryin to prosper

Even with these bitch tryin to join my roster 

Imma prosper you don't think you're really fucking with me

Imma prosper 


Live long and prosper 

Fightin my demons Inuyasha 

Destined for the game

Prophesied by Nostradamus 

I'm here on a conquest

That Jack White couldn't cover it

Get over it we get that bread and butter it

Houdini to these bitches that only wishin death when I start to stunt

We pocket the money, and spend every penny on bitches and Henny but I prayin that I won't 

I wanna live great And make my family proud

And to never grab the and watch that fucker blow


Since 93 I've been real

Straight from the pussy, I'm here to kill

Hit you with a blue shell 

We young and hungry we seek mills

Never give a bitch up 

Rick roll my weed up

True Life: imma prosper

Cooler than the bro of Freiza 

Re-up gettin to hot to freeze up

LCY who's next up? 

Stay on the bus can't match us

I'm here to play with a clean slate 

Even my Third eye can't see straight


Dad is 60/40 this might be his end

I just hope he gets to see his son once again

At his bedside, this isn't goodbye

5 minutes to speak between the drugs and cries

He heard my voice and that made him cry

Hard to see your father know that he might die

Kept my hold of his hand waitin for a grip

Drugs wearing off But still too weak to commit 

Marshall standing by the door

Only friend to come with me for some support

He lost his father so he understands

Fuck Dad please just grab my hand

Nurse said its time to put him under again

Leave Decatur in hopes to see him again

Exit 334 might be my last glance

The whole ride home I wish he would've said my name

Or he loved me this is insane

My father just wanted a son in his life

But after 3 daughters I came to light 

They got to really know him and I didn't

They love him more so I feel different

Dad if you hear this just know it's cuz of distance 

Mom says I'm like you, a spittin image 

Just know Imma make it in music for the both of us

And pray my music it will help with my wanderlust 

If you die before this song is finished, I'm sorry

Just know I cherish you even though we speak lightly 

When you wake up I hope I'm the one you call

So I can tell my friends you're stronger than us all

It's so hard to think how much you mean to me

Every time I hear a sax you're all I see

Your heart and lung failed you but you didn't to me

Love you Dad 60/40

Thinkin Bout My EP

The only girl I would never call a bitch

On my mind more than sex and the plot to get rich

I want us to stick together but I'm Icarus

Even when I hit the water Id swim for us

Pardon me miss, but why you so fuckin beautiful?

My fans want that real shit but this song is for you 

Sorry that I had to come off this real

But it's been 6 years that I've had this concealed 

I just wanna tell you how I feel (how I feel)

Even Howie doesn't see how I deal

All my friends know you're the one I want

Can't stand bein just friends when your Amy Smart

I wanted you from the start

I feel invincible when we together babe you my star 

Chinese or AT either way you're amazing

I can't be the hero when you treat me like PB but


Everyday I'm thinking bout my EP 

And how one day it's going to be amazing 

The only thing that's gonna make me happy

When I finally get my EP


We started out enemies

Told her I hope her man didn't catch a thing

Later said sorry over MySpace haha

Remember talkin about that shit just the other day

Now I pray every week you will come this way

Stare into your eyes and hopin you will stay

Almost got married and it hurt

But if you are happy you always got my support

I just want us to have 500 days

And be together for 60 more summers babe

Let's get the record straight 

You are perfect to me and no one can relate

The only one who honestly is worth the wait

Thanks Will for letting us meet at your place 

Let me say Grace thank you for bein so great

My demons cant drowned can you feel my heart ache?

If tomorrow was the last day that I saw your face

Just know your the only one I didn't want to go away 

I only want to see you for the rest of my days

Joe gots Sabrina and Quantum gots Red

I want my EP so it's easy to finally rest

I hope you see me as a possible match

Cuz when I ask I'm dying just to hear yes

But if you say no I'll still be your friend though

Cuz I need you with me through fire and brimstone  

You can say anything to me and I'll be fine 

Because you are the one to leave your spores inside 

Always cheer me up. Be my Ellie.


Remember hard times when I was broke as fuck

But love and money is never enough

Expect so much from the friends you trust

But they backstab like it’s the ides of March

Oh God but he don’t listen much

Probably why most of us lose touch

Seen death first hand like Im from Castle Rock

We all want money and a bad bitch

But pussy is free if you this sick

I don’t know what I want though

Give the key to my heart like its Hugo

Can’t sleep though cuz I want dough

And when I do I’m never home

I’m not in a rush for the limelight

But don't reset me though


I hope that one day my life will just reset

I just want to power down

The life I’m leading now just causing too much stress

This life just keeps me bound

I hope one day I will reset

The people in my circle can't see my angle


Hoping for an angel that will rearrange them

But never save em I just wanna know

If I died today who would show at the funeral and crack a smile when I'm dropped below

Sub Zero flow, neck on froze is that what you wanna hear

The last three years I've lost touch with all my peers

My bestfriend for 14 years has disappeared

And all I do is wish he was here but no need to fear

When I dream I scheme that my music will hit the coasts

And as I reach the end there's no pause been my thoughts

Almost call her back and said bring the hash

Cuz I want you but I just need the weed so I can crash

The End

I feel the courage every time I hit the purp

No one wants to see you make it and it hurts

But I work till the AM hopin I'm not wasting time

My 9-5 ain't paying right so I'm forced to rhyme

What's a life worth livin if you don't love yourself

Insomnia keeps me jaded and all this liquor don't help 

People see your struggles but just ignore it

Too many missed calls like I'm on some Miller shit

Momma trippin once again about my lifestyle

Stumbles in drunk askin why I'm not a wild child

S ister ran away she was a wild child

Well cheers to her, pass that shit for her denial

We all bleed the same break backs like Bane

Should be on shutter island cuz these lyrics insane

Past and present together like Spike’s vision mane

Waitin for my credits to end for my last scene


This is the end


How much longer do I have to keep it in

This is the end

When do I start living again

This is the end

I’ve lost track of where I’ve been

This is the end

This is the end

Product of a new day with no sleep


Still seduce a bitch like I’m Burgundy 

We all hate driven but we need some forgiveness

Prayin to not be killed over some business

We all want to make it to the top

To call the shots but you’ve only had a desk pop bitch

I lay awake dreamin that one day I’ll find my way

 To get out of this Beautiful State (Bama)

The road of victory has a fork in it

Do I want to pave my way through the middle of it

If I don’t reach the end just know I didn’t fail

This is my prestige and I will never bail

Go kick a pail if you don’t believe in me

I’ve gone through hell just to find out who to fuckin be

These long nights are the reason I’ve lost touch

Chokin the bird to death just thinkin about the bush

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