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Remember set your phasers on stun

I'm the prodigal son, the chosen one

I have the higher ground Wan

All Hail Me bitch

I Got Campbell right beside me with the broomstick it’s double clip

It's the rebirth of Viktor and I'm the victor

Look into the mirror made myself shiver

Gave your sis something bitter claiming something bite her

Cause a heart attack and the coldest winter

Can't put me in a box but I'm here to deliver

So observe like Mauna Kea

That I'm the main contender

Ever since that Mongoose cut me open

Giving a piece of myself to these hoes ain't nothin

I must be fuckin, cuz these kids sayin they lookin up to me They can't bare the flow so they damn me

Goin ham see, add the B for the city

Girl lemme freak I'm a rapper suck my lil dicky

Small feet but my dick big

Rappers pussy or mammoth and I'm sid

Fuckin ice age in my wrist

Watch it crumble, I'm not here to be humble

Win by myself, eliminate you all royal rumble

Fuck Brett Favre, never fumble

So underground but I built my tunnel I shouldn't go this hard on the intro

But fuckin all hail me ho LCY we fuckin next, like 50 cent when he had the vest I’m blessed


All Hail me bitch


So you think your rhymes are tight

Every night treatin the mic like a fight Then I run like Butch After cuttin ties while I fuckin ridin a bike

Ride the Harley into the sunset

Guitar on the side of it

The 205 bandit gonna let you know

Get the loot and leave you in a hole after kissin Kate Barlow

Goin toe to toe with these average joes

Make them hit the gym cuz how I'm throwin blows

Bitch you better know man you keep the bench warm Pardon my French but I'm dynamite when my fuckin lyrics swarm

I'm not tryna harm its part of my charm

If Big L was still here he'd say I put it on


All Hail me bitch


What up brotha give your girl a josh peck

No disrespect, caught up in the mix every time I spit

Space modulator to a hater

You know I'm tryna be the face for Fader

This the young invader, Carlisle the Great I got a

Persian rug with a dead rapper rolled up so take

Everything you heard to the bank

Cash that in and wait

You're having withdrawals now I brought the flow back

Too invested in this shit to have some fuckin drawbacks

Give my draws back

Bama breed but Harlem when I give shaft

Wearing Polo Jeans to Therapy

No double daring me unless Nick is paying me

I could buy a new Mac, well hell, maybe a new Mac

Either way I’m sendin shots at you so get back

You can guess it's fuckin my house

Man, I’m done with these games and that soft guy Callout Adventure Time 2 causing a fallout I

’ll make mince meat outta that beat mouse


I'm about to explode this rappers need some help

Leavin welps Pootie Tang with the belt

I'm over my first two tapes, man that was great

But people need more bars for my family's sake

Whiter than some apple products

Man, they swear I was brought up

By wolves man I'm feelin golden Midus

Man, the flow the tightest no way I can hide it

Goal is to eat everyone even my team I'll bite it

Like the Andes flight, that boy gotta survive

Feel the vibes blowin chronic in the ride

Take it back to 99, 6 with nothin on my mind

But having 151 and dad not comin by

I want to fuck my neighbor, other is a drug dealer

Down the road is a stealer, I was cheeseburger

I'm waitin for that day to get my golden ticket In a couple bars

I could probably fix it


The boy is hot up in the city

You want some problems try to scrap with me

Bitch here's the birdie fuckin bat mitten me

Make her take a shuttle to get this cock

Who you tryna knock?

CJ leave your career open bruh

Not tryna stunt but I'm more fire than Blaine

Bitch you know this insane, shawty what you drank

Hope it's water got Mick Jenkins sayin fuck Gatorade

Can't just give you a little taste

Open up and enjoy everything I put on the plate

Over staying up late

Gotta get up early put some fuckin money in the bank

Step child flow who you tryna spank

Man, she in a land of ooo like she Finn and Jake


Adventure Time 2


I got the prenup before the wedding

Check the beddin got the count up, muthafucka I made it

Get the kids out the pool, I got cartoons to watch

Diamonds on my mind like a sim or for a new watch

I might get Ellen Page fuckin pregnant again

I got Jesus Puttin new carpets in

Bitch I'm here to win

Take it from me,

I’m glad my parents never had another fuckin kid

Man this that shit but I stay number 1

You wanna step to me you better run

This shit ain't overdone but I keep it raw

Ain't Monday but it’s Friday from now and on

The empty nester, blowin money on these hoes

Feelin regret, if I don't bring her home

Bitches want my dick in 240p

Askin if it was really me

Most people don't represent their name

Just a Golduck in the game

Why would I fuckin do this for fame?

Why should I beat that pussy out the frame?

Asking (are you ready)

Been looking back at my city like some Angels came

Man I brought the flames,

23 bitches want me out my Hanes God damn it’s insane

Googleplex in my checks

Cookin up so much dope my producer called the feds (get Em) Hidin loot underneath the bed

Mr Krabs with that shit

Carlisle but you can call me dragon

Changing factions man you makin fractions

Askin what happen,

How did Tim get so good at rappin

Probably cuz I want this more than you could imagine

I'm not braggin, but trust me I'm the illest

LCY fuckin captain, man we sailing and lounging bitch


It's the young magnificent

Pray to god that it fits in a bitch

I hope you ready for this

Sculpted from Clay, back in the day

Only felt gifted on my birthday

But hey, no one saw this comin

Stepped away from my neighbors

Cuz they kept havin run ins

With the law, oh my god, now money is nothin

Now I'm huntin, for a reason to budget

Go and pick a subject, bet I kill every song your man has ever touched bitch

It's a great time, to be alive

In my near future having people view my city rise

Like Columbia, you see the propaganda

That You hope this yellowhammer, will never nail ya

Let me tell ya, LCY WE THE ILLEST

You can get the digits cuz the reaper about to bill us

All Hail, Open the till Here's your change, now kneel

People feel that my old shit is how I fuckin sound still

But listen to culdesac then because the Internet

So from now on my shit is straight net

God he hit the net and now he’s a threat

To the income of these people claiming they the best

And I don't care if the shine ain't on me yet

But take a step cause more than 3 is straight death

I'm positive this is how I wanna live

So are you ready for the empire to build, LCY


Wanna go with me, are you ready?

Shout out to Youth one time, are you ready?

Once we finally land in your city, are you ready?

We gonna take our time, make sure you’re fine, are you ready? Let it play out


I'm Feelin golden boy, You fuckin phony boy

Find where you stay and Burn it down like your pony boy Steady Tom Cruisin, behind your bitch just groovin

Grab the vase break it cross your face

Money in my name like Mase or Banks

Ready to fight in every scene

They can't work with the kid cuz he murders his shit

Make a flick beat Kane for top of the list

Name the whip Desire, I get your bitch and sayonara

Don't sweat till I'm in the sauna

Don't bring no drama, the wild one a problem

Ask anyone and I bet they say I'm an honor

Fuck the roll, I ain't sayin I'm here

Get a double for attendance then I disappear

You in debt if this ain't verse of the year

Can't refuse CJ gotta make it clear

Now you're all in fear, run in peril

Get De Niro then we gonna score

Do it for my family and nothing more

At a constant war, trying to gain power

She says I'm a stallion in the bed for an hour

People tryna sell me shit I don't want

Take your body to the waterfront cement to joints

Get the point, causin an apocalypse now

Skip town, before I sick the hounds

Smoke a pound, then I'm out

Man the realest on the rise

I don't have a guide, but every line I write

Is a journey from my life

Never Cool, like its 2012 again

My band broke up so I had to start rap again

The Young Blazer, from Birmingham

God damn, watch the throne he's going ham

Once I'm in, round table with lawn chairs fam

Man you’re drainin my mana better drink up

When hit my point you know who I think of

People on my bars like a playground

I Can't Playin around he's to profound

You lonely on this island, say hi to the ground

You number 2 that's why the lead is in you

Finish this now so my presence doesnt haunt you


Hot headed like I'm Marlon Brando, Might punch you in the face ho

This some Fifth element shit


Spirit bomb to a hater, later

Let me get the paper, traitor

Put the fucking leveler

Sarlacc gotta eat too, don't play shit like Gator

I don't care if you want this life

Many live once and die twice

Stop looking for a way out

We way out mom even looking for a payout

Stay down, Paul Newmon with the smile on

We the wild ones, Leave scars if you try to hurt my pride or son

Looking to the clouds while puffin some

God damn we the demand

While your album on back order probably cancelled man

Ex poppin xans while I'm gettin head in a fucking rental man

My bro bangs no van though

Feelin blessed cruisin in that Holy Ghost

My city don’t fucking have woes

Want one thing: that cash flow

Bitches know we gettin money

Bitch know we stay in young

That Lazarus fucking pit flow

Pop out with blades and cut your throats


I just wanna be young forever, so lord please don’t stop me now


It's a good morning to fucking break the law

Bumpin 6 God in the Taj Mahal

Wesley Snipe out the blood pit

Here to feast and devour shit

Don't let me in your life

If that check ain't lookin right

Tryna feed off someone else

Well you found the perfect bite (sike)

Lawnchair youth, retire young

Sellin product without bitin tongues

So breathless surprise I got lungs

Sober mind but I'm on one

Take my time so I can rock some

Still amazed at the outcome

I’m making hits, man, my knees bent

Bitches deepthroat to learn my secrets

I don't care

No sleep to make sure it's my year

A new age that will never ware

I'm here forever be prepared

We the future but I feel good right here

Feel like God has disappeared

Clay's finest I'm buried there

Young 93' can't be compared


I just wanna be young forever, so lord please don’t stop me now

TRACK LIST | 27 min


1. All Hail

2. Civic

3. Adventure Time 2

4. 205

5. Are You Ready

6. G.O.D.

7. Marlon Brando

8. The Title

9. Young Forever

10. 1993




I say grace before I eat a bitch out

Grains of salt in my shoes cuz I'm bigger now

Off the hook like a big fish

My dad ain't dead but I'm relivin his myth

Kill the pussy 9 times then I leave that bitch

12 courses not allowing this designer to fit

Getting head in Mayalasia

20 years later out again for the fuckin paper

Carlisle in the civic In your bitches basket like a picnic

Man this shit you can't mimic Blowin sudowoodo till I feel golden bitch Man, this shit ain't hit or miss (fuck with me)

Always had the 4 door without the V6

Parents got me as a graduation gift

18k on the whip not on the wrist

Out here looking selfish CARLISLE too sick

Hit 88 and bring back your mom and make you bitch

It's the young buster blader

Keep your dragons in a cage ah or

You're blue eyed beauty I will take her

Make you flip to defense mode

The clay hooligan at it again yo

Passing up to me is disrespect hoe

Civic till I die more bitches with the fuckin floor doors


Cruising in the civic real slow, real slow, real slow

But it’s good on gas though


I'm a novelty to a bitch Fuck rich, half a decade wantin one bitch

Car won't do it, nor money or fame

But when he bout to put on that rang

I'll bubble boy in that bitch

Never cared to be a baller

Maybe if I was taller

Shaq can't drive what I Swerve

I want SZA to choke if I hit the curb

Get the seed like Persephone oh man that's my word

Man, a milly on 4 wheels its a waste

Got the perfect thing make her not feel her legs

in the back like she’s Uma Thurman

I'm so determined that a woman will ride with me

H stands for hoes bumpin Lil B (thank you BasedGod)


All Hail


I'm the man of my city

205 till I die

I’m the man of my city

205 till I die right?

I’m the man of my city

205 till I die

I’m the man of my city,

I’m the man of my city


Muthafucka had to do it right

I’m the man of my city 205 till I die

Yeah, I’m the man of my city,

I’m the man of my city

Muthafucka had to do it right


Let's take a break from the 6

Like Drake only rapper from my city gonna hit it rich

Been A-1 since day one

So people tryna cut me to stay warm like a tauntaun right?

Fuck Gandalf, that crown you gotta pass it

Magic City full of steel make you wanna grab it

Many men die here, makes little sense

Parents say fear god like Wayne's eye lids

Muthafucka I’m the shit and I know it

Made my staple like Vince prayin I don't blow it

Man you gotta just do it like Shia, man

I just unleashed a Titan

Could’ve broke out of Tartarus so I could wreak havoc right?

We ain’t free of sin, but we always goin in

Momma said stay away from the government

Asking where you get this paper, man it’s heaven sent

Can’t wait to put my momma in a benz


I’m the man of my city 205 till I die

Yeah, I’m the man of my city,

I’m the man of my city

Muthafucka had to do it right


A new wolf bout to pop the trunk

What if that pop never gave me the funk

Generation Y, man were not what they want

They can't catch this fire so they had to cancel the hunt

From here to England to the rest of the globe

You know we gonna explode you know we gonna expose

All negatives that this life is tryna grow

Mr. Jones back in this bitch so you gonna know

The bible belt never gonna fuckin teach me shit

Gettin head on Vulcan lookin at my city bitch

Man, my crew posing threats like we Ginyu bitch

Clear the plate, man we next on the menu bitch

205 LCY man we’re tryna go worldwide

Kids stuck in our web and its feeding time

All we got is that maple oak and pines

Man you see the signs, believe me martyr flow man its divine

I’m the man


God flow make you wanna worship this

Vash the stampede money if you fuckin capture this

We are sometimes driven by the devil himself

So I hold the cross on my back and let the guns help

I'll bring the Calvary and give you three days

And then spray and let it rip like its bay blade

Just pray I don't come your way

Like it or not I'm here to stay and to conjure a plot

Kill with these lyrics use my fuckin hand for gun

Unlike Hakusho, aint dyin for nothing

Even in the afterlife I'll be stuntin

Women want my money and that's fine

But they'll be counting for my love like they Estefan

Porygon, leave you blind, but what if I'm losin time

And the point of living is to find a reason to die

I keep asking myself what do you want in this life

Cause without no heaven or hell, the door is opened up wide


Lately I’ve been grieving over death

Looking to myself for some help

Like what do I want in this life

And if it ended today wonder who would cry

With my last breaths please say goodbye

To everyone who kept me alive

But as I come to the terms that I set

There’s no reason to grieve over death, so what


I've came to the conclusion

That one day I'll find the person who's proven

That my life moves around them

No deity or idol, I'm the vial

Friar Lawrence in my life cycle

Over this recital, I don't need a title

But fuckin centering myself gets me by though

Time trial, I can't beat the clock

The only hands around me that seem to lock

Man, what you want? To love me?

Well go ahead and stop

The larger that you are the harder that you drop, god


But lately I’ve been grieving over death, so what.


I want the title, I don't need a rival

I got Joe with the rifle Next to his bible

Man fuck your idol hip hops revival

I’m Seeing money as just a pile

Cause honestly it ain't worth my time though

205 next to leave you frozen let it go

Next level shit, soon they'll open up the door

Askin who I did this for, Like me ain't enough

Ante up, take my bluff

Been killin since AA made my games start up

I want the title, I just need a fuckin rival

Cause killing by myself is suicidal

I've met Belial, check my vitals

Never barehand a bitch like the 12th trial

Hip hop is in denial, not ready for my style

I get steps right for the extra miles

How much longer do I tell myself I'm gonna get it

Admit it, once I see the light it will turn to lemon

I wish my story had a better ending, better ending


I want the title, I'm my only rival

Your boy is makin waves and they all tidal

You got me rallied, remember openin for KYLE

Yeah Hip hop has been defiled, by a step child

I'm picked my lane, we are not one in the same this fame is a game

I am the greatest and that's logic

Everybody wants all this

Having a title is worthless

When all you want is a purpose

And I don't know if you heard this

But no one can be perfect

At my heels I deserve this

Waitin in line it's my turn bitch

I Don't want the title, it's not for me

Once you at top, down is all you see

And trust me when I see these people feeding off of me

I'll ask how when I'm still so damn hungry

Hip hop is money, sadly it's lost it's art

Like it was Fenway court, I'll do my part

It's like Kano just took my heart, I'll leave my mark

We at a covenant can't touch my shit without an oven mitt

I’m passing all this judgment

Fuck the title, Its just a rival

No longer spiteful, I'm a child of hip hop's survival

You failed my trial, gotta learn the ropes

Even if you choke, it's more mind than throat

Bitch you gotta hope, you stay in my scope

When I fire back, hit the deck

You’re all in check, this mass effect

Makes me wonder if I come up next

Will my loves ones disconnect

The idea makes me question it

If I get power can I get away from it

If I love it, can I savor it

I doubt I'm even made for it

No one knows the outcome

Prepare yourself for the unknown

It seems that I am the only one

That sees greatest can't be worn

Take off the belt, You can have it

No reason to grab it cause I'm the only one worth havin

Fuck the title, I'm bad for it


The money stackin, while these people keep askin

What happened to the family problems you were havin

And I'm like don't worry that's another story

For another album, I got a thousand

For now find a bitch I can drown in

She can work it

But I'm too forward when she reverse it

And every verse a hearse

Get the Pink then flee with the diamonds

Leave you at standoff, stop lying

You unleashed the lion, Even Daniel's frightened

Blame him, Clay Hooligan at it again

Let's begin, 93' birth with more than sin

Treat the lyrics as a twin, Can't separate them

Even my past shit they were sleepin on him

It's okay, you wake up the same like Billy Murray

How can I see my shadows when I'm in a hurry

Don't worry, money never got me hungry

Feasting on the idea that people gonna know me

Cookin with the sauce boy, Steph Curry


I’ve been stuntin since 93,

Ninety-Three, you ain’t iller than me


I've been stuntin since 93

Go and take a look at me

LCY on the climb, man we’re at our peak

Even in Ralph I'm gonna wreck it

Done with games I'm where the check is

Little rough around the edges

Protractor, young and savage doin damage

My crew I fattened, LCY quick nappin

We the madmen, Goin Jon Hamm on theses raps man

Less mortal every track, Momma gonna sayin amen

Deal in with death like bully and Mandy

And exes like Tammy

Earth about to open from the steps that I'm taking are you ready

Tell everyone it's trouble your makin

Can't follow the script this a private taping

This is how they see it, Asking why when they forgot the deit

Untouchable in every season

Pusha T it, 205 never leave it

Light of 93, birth of a beacon no one sees what I'm see in


I’ve been stuntin since 93, Ninety-three, you ain’t iller than me

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